Many of the contractors that work via our services, come from countries far away from Germany. Some of those highly skilled workers find their origin in Europe, whilst others are from outside of Europe and haven’t even been in or around Germany before. Therefore, a dedicated team of like-minded professionals is ready to help you with all your relocation questions, visa support issues and other matters. Some of our employees are (former) expats themselves and therefore perfectly capable of recognizing your situation and needs.

Besides having to adapt to another culture, migrants, contractors or expats from abroad are often confronted with language barriers. Also with this matter, our multilingual team can help you out. Or at least direct you in the right way. To help you in the best way possible, our relocation services in Germany includes the following:

Assistance with registration in Germany

German law determined that new habitants must register with the German authorities within 14 days of moving into their new address. When you’re staying for longer than three months at least. Before registration, you must make an registration appointment at the local citizens’ office (Bürgeramt). This step is important, because it provides you with your registration certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung), which is needed to apply for a residence permit, bank account or job.
The documents you need to register with the German authorities are:
Because the application procedure in Germany may be quite bureaucratic, German Umbrella Company helps you out. Get in touch for more information.

Advice regarding requesting your German bank account

Opening a German bank account can be done by visiting one of your preferred banks’ branches, or by visiting the bank’s website online. You will need to provide the bank with a notarized copy of your identity document, along with copies of other relevant documents.
The documents that you’ll need to include are a proof of German address and proof of immigration status. Sometimes German banks require proof of employment status, along with for example a payslip plus a minimal initial deposit. Also for opening German bank accounts, we can provide you with all information needed.

EU Blue Card service

For non EU-members that require quick and full access to the German Labour market, we provide a Blue Card Service.