Whether you’re from the European Union, Switzerland or a non-EU country, working in Germany requires a way of getting paid. Simple as that. For EU, Switzerland or non-EU citizens a payroll solution most likely reduces administrative hassle and matters to take care of yourself.

We just take care of it for you. With our payroll solutions you’ll enjoy the advantages of an employee, without the disadvantages of a freelancer.

Tailor-made payroll solutions for everyone

When you know a payroll solution comes in really handy, you better choose the one that works best for you, right? Glad you found us. Working via German Umbrella Company means you’re completing your contracts with the company you wish to work for but get paid by us. Regardless whether you’re from Germany, another country in the European Union, Switzerland or a non-EU country. Your ‘new’ employer and German Umbrella Company make sure the service contract is arranged according German law and we provide you with an employment agreement.

Our payrolling procedure

  1. We analyze your personal situation and check if we can optimize your financial and legal perspectives.
  2. We make sure your documentation (visas, permits, certificates and other documents) is fully compliant with German law.
  3. We manage your administrative interface (your contract, invoices, time sheets and recovery).
  4. We pay your salary, always in time. Even when your employer hasn’t paid us yet.

The benefits of payroll via German Umbrella Company

Payroll accounting, tax remittance, handling of national insurance premiums, pension matters, administration, updating personal data, annual wage account management, reporting and declarations according to the legal regulations and preparations of accounting documents. It’s all part of the German Umbrella Company deal. 

Another great addition to our service package, is that you’ll receive a personal account manager for all-round support and advice during the entire assignment. Besides that, German Umbrella Company has been in possession of an indefinite/unlimited AüG license since 2017, which ensures compliance with the German tax system for contractors and guarantees you protection from any infringements of German tax law.

Everyone working via German Umbrella Company, benefits from our comprehensive payroll services that consist out of the the following elements:


More information about payroll in Germany

Whether you’re in need of an effective and no nonsense payroll company, remittance of taxes or something else: everyone can benefit from our services. Get in touch to find out more about what we do and how we can help you.